Our door handles are made of glass and aluminum shape

Manufacture of door handles made of stainless steel, oak, and beech to fit any door type. Exclusive, nonstandard door handles.

Our door handles are made of glass and aluminum shape.

Exclusive door handles made of wood.

We are positive that the secret to good interior design is in the detail. Door handles represent that very detail: It greets you, your friends and partners, right at the door.

Our first impression of a house or building depends largely on how convenient its door handle is. Does it fit nicely into your hand? Does it correspond with the door panel? Does it fit the exterior and interior of a door and a building?

Our door handles are hand-picked for each and every interior solution. Our door handles are high-quality products made of stainless steel, natural wood or a combination of these materials. We deliver our door handles to customers from all over Russia, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

Our products come in two finishes: Polishes or matt.

Our door handles may be mounted directly or on the outside.

Our dimensions: 600 mm to 2,200 mm for stainless steel handles and up to 1,500 m for wooden handles.

Our handles can be mounted on metal,- wooden,- glass- or aluminum doors and entrance elements.

Direct mounting option is usually good for doors without a keyhole nest. Normally these are glass doors. In this case the special silicon gaskets which come with our door handle set ensure sound and reliable contact of our metal handle with a glass door panel.

Outside-mounted door handles are used in doors and entrance elements equipped with a keyhole nest.

There’s no need to worry about reliability and durability of our door handles made of oak and a combination of metal and wood! We only use high quality materials: Stainless steel, timber strips, and quality chemical substances to treat the wood we use.

Each door handle comes in individual packaging. This approach ensures high level of safety and integrity in case of long-haul deliveries. We’re able to fulfill any order ASAP due to the constant level of semi-finished products we keep in our warehouse.